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Holiday camps

.At UltraVision we provide holiday camps every academic holiday, where we provide not only just a football-based day but a day packed with various sports, game drills and activities. Each camp has a different theme, for example during the Easter holiday we offer an Easter egg hunt for all to find treats to take home and mini Christmas presents during the festive period. We provide a place to enjoy the holidays if you are a football lover or not. We have raffles, challenges to win prizes and loads more. Our main aim is to offer an active, fun, sport based camp for all children of any ability or need.

Structure of day


Doors open

This time period is for everyone to register for the day and drop off there child/children for the holiday camp.


Children are split into groups based on age/ability

Once split into groups, we start by performing warm ups that focus on components of fitness and SAQ training. We then compete in various games and activities with the core focus on bringing the groups together and reinforcing teamwork, sportsmanship and having fun.


Matches and drills

This time is spent on working as a team to compete in football matches, training drills and other fun/challenging competitions.


Camp themed activities

In this is time we provide a chance to take a break from sport and enjoy activities to win prizes and treats. Also to be able to try your hand at our football raffle. The content of this time varies depending on what holiday camp you attend as during Easter we will embark on a Easter egg hunt, during the festive period different games to win mini Christmas presents and during summer we will have a bouncy castle obstacle course on offer.


Midday session

We fill this with a range of exciting games and drills that end in small sided matches.


Snack break

We invite everyone to bring a couple of healthy snacks to keep energy up during the day as we allow up to 20 minutes to eat, stay hydrated, rest and socialise with peers. We offer time to watch some football and play games like hockey, dodgeball and mini bike races.



This is the time we take to work in teams to undergo football tournaments, as groups are once again split into age/ability groups to take part in the games.


Awards ceremony

At the end of the camp we have an awards ceremony where we hand out prizes, certificates and two people get chosen for the MVP (most valuable player) of the holiday camp.

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