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PPA cover and workshops

UltraVision provides PPA cover and workshops for schools, focusing on the development of fundamental cognitive skills and basic knowledge within various different sports and activities: football, basketball, handball, athletics and multi sports.


We provide morning, afternoon and full day PPA slots with a flexible timeline to match each schools’ individual needs.


Lesson content during these sessions is in line with National Curriculum requirements, the needs of the school and individual needs of the children. UltraVision prides itself in its personal approach to provide the most enjoyable and effective use of each training slot. This will help introduce children that are new to the sport and will still stretch the abilities of competent young athletes.


For more information or any enquires please contact us

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School clubs

UltraVision also offer before and after school clubs. in football, handball, physical fitness and wellbeing. These provide a chance for a fun but technical opportunity to learn in further depth about one of the sporting options available with us. Where we thrive to encourage all children to reach their full potential in a safe, caring environment..


For more information or any enquires please contact us.

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